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A5 Blue Coloured Envelopes

The Essential Purpose of Envelopes

The type of envelope that you choose whether it is A5 blue colored envelopes or any other type or size will depend on your needs at that moment and the impression that you would like to make on the recipient of your email. All envelopes, whether large or small, blue or black have the same essential purpose. They are used to transport items of different nature from one person to the next while providing a protective environment for the items to be transported to the recipient without being damaged. In most cases, envelopes are used for paper items such as letters, contracts, marketing materials, cards and money but they can also be used for small items that are not too heavy or have sharp edges. 

The Impression that an Envelope Makes

Every envelope, no matter its color or size, makes an impression on the person opening it so remember to keep this in mind when purchasing your envelopes. You need to think carefully about each aspect of the envelope when making the purchase such as the size, the color, the seal, the window and the weight. These items collectively determine the impression that the envelop will make on the recipient.

The Size

Let’s start with the size. In most cases, most buyers will focus on the size first because if the envelope is not the right size, they will not be able to use it for the purpose intended. The most common sizes of envelopes are available are: C4, C5, C6 and DL. So how do you know which size is the right size for you? well, the paper size of the documents you will be transporting will determine that and whether or not you will be leaving your documents folded or unfolded. If you are transporting A4 documents unfolded then, the envelop for you is the C4 envelope while C5 is for A5 paper and C6 for A6 paper. In most cases C6 envelopes are used for greeting cards. DL is perfect  for those who fold their documents in three when they post it. 

Another thing to consider when choosing the envelope size is whether or not you would be able to print on it. An envelope with the address printed on it is much more presentable than an envelope with the address written on it so if possible, make sure that your printer supports printing on the size of envelope that you choose. These days, people have no trouble printing on A5 envelopes or other sizes because most printer manufacturers are taking printing on envelopes into consideration and are delivering printers that support printing on envelopes.

The Color

In some countries, the color of the envelope used has great significance. In some countries, red envelopes symbolize prosperity while black envelopes symbolize immorality.  In some countries, it is advisable not to use white envelopes. In the United Kingdom, the standard colors are while and brown; however, based on the occasion, you can choose from a variety of different colors. Bright colors such as blue and purple are great for celebratory occasions such as weddings while red envelopes are perfect for Christmas cards. However, whether it is red envelopes with Christmas cards or Blue envelopes full of cash, envelopes are available in a variety of different colors and can be purchased as such to be used for a number of different purposes.

The Window

The windows are very effective when it comes to labeling your letter. If your envelopes have their envelopes located in the right places, you would not even need to print on a label to the envelope. The address of the letter if folded properly would display in the window of the envelope thus saving you time and effort, especially where bulk mailing is concerned.

Envelopes and the Print Industry

The sales of envelopes still contribute to a large percentage of the revenue of the print industry even though envelopes are not being sold as much as they were sold in the past since that many people are moving away from traditional mailing and are turning towards electronic mails. This however does not mean that envelopes are no longer needed. Envelopes still remain a vital part of the print industry and our everyday lives whether it is at the office or at home. For the most recent news on the print industry and on the developments around paper envelopes, please refer to printweek. There is a lot of valuable information available here especially if you are in the envelope industry. For example, you can get updated on the recent incident where price fixing of envelopes results in fines


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