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Envelope solutions for all ocasions

Paper Angels is the leading postal solutions provider in the Sheffield area. For over 50 years of indefatigable and passionate work, we have made ourselves a name in the community as the number one envelope manufacturer. 

There is no kind of envelope or package that we can not handle. Whatever you want to mail, we have something to put it in. Be it letters, objects, gifts, invitations, postcards or any other sort of item, we will manage to give you the perfect packaging. Your item will arive to its destination and its presentation will be unforgetable. Make the difference with a memorable envelope, stand out or simply give your letter or card a special touch.

Happiness comes from the simplest details. Add a touch of colour, a nice print, some glitter or even a little perfume to your envelope. That extra bit will make anything magical. 
Check our web for ideas on how to make unique envelopes and packaging for all purposes. Our catalogue is full of proposals for one-in-a-kind envelopes!

Original packages from the printing office

We have our own printing house located at Rotherham, South Yorkshire. We are not just sellers - we manufacture our own products. This means that you will never find anywhere in the world the designs that we have in our catalogue. We work with 100% exclusive items for sale. Search now our catalogue and discover by yourself the wide array of proposals that we have for you!

But having our own printing office does not just mean that our products are unique. You can also request customized designs for your own envelopes and packages! Order tailored printings for themed weddings, first Communions and other events; request the monogram of your family or business; ask for special sizes and materials. The sky is the limit; if you can imagine it, we can print it.


Get the most beautiful envelope designs for your cards and letters!

We will envelop what is important the way it deserves

Every day, millions of letters, cards and objects fly from one place to another inside an envelope. From the outside, all of them look the same: white, light brown sometimes, with a few words written on them and a couple stamps. But inside each one of them there could be a world of feelings, memories and love. It will always remain a mistery how many things were said through a letter or how much sentiment was transmitted through a postal office. 

Making envelopes isn’t just about wraping a paper with another paper. It’s about holding something important within something that can reflect its importance and essence. That is the spirit that powers Paper Angels. Just as an angel is a messenger from God, every single postman and postwoman is a messenger that delivers secret words and gifts. And those messages should be held in a dignified, fit container.

If you believe that every letter, every card, every item delivered is of worth, that feelings fly along with the words inside an envelope, call us. We share that feeling and we will be up to that. Find the perfect envelope for your needs. Contact us now!

Envelope specialists at your service!

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    Envelope solutions for both decorative and business purposes.

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